Increase your personal power and achieve outstanding success in your life, work and business. Learn the habits of the world’s most successful women with Module 1 of our 8-part video series!

UP Woman Coaching

Our unique coaching program is designed to identify and destroy the mindsets holding you back while equipping you with proven strategies for abundance and success.

UP Woman

Like an instant download or a growth spurt, our local and national events provide you tools, insights and wisdom you can put into use immediately!

UP Woman Membership

A VIP pass to all the benefits! Powerful teaching, step-by-step classes, monthly training and opportunities to keep you on task and take your business to the next level!

Surround yourself with greatness. Mentors. Influencers. World Changers.
The right connection or partnership can change everything. If you want to achieve greatness in your business and personal life, be selective. Position yourself with those who will inspire you, challenge your thinking, call out your gifts and bring proven strategies to the table.

UP Woman International is a global network that plugs you in to Training, Mentorship, and Collaboration opportunities with top influencers and thought leaders from around the world. The people we surround ourselves with influence us in subtle yet profound ways. If you associate with women of success you will “absorb” their way of thinking and decision making.

The UP Woman Community is a gathering of top leaders from every field and every area of expertise. The only one missing is YOU!

Community….because You’re in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself.


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“UP Woman Coaching absolutely changed my life! It gave me the direction, inspiration and all the tools I needed to start and succeed in my business!”
—Lori Baran (Author, Speaker, Business Owner & Stage 4 Cancer Survivor)

“One UP Woman Event changed everything for me. The business strategies, action plan and training I received allowed me to start my online business and completely replace my income within 10 months. Yes…10 months! I retired from my corporate career and am now a full time entrepreneur thanks to DeLores Pressley!”
—Montina Portis (Former IT Security Analyst turned Online Entrepreneur)

“If you’ve been thinking about UP Woman, stop thinking and move into action! The exposure, the information, the mentoring and coaching is beyond amazing!”
—Vernice Armor (America’s First Black Female Combat Pilot)